A Social Enterprise


SLi's services cover a broad range of research and development offerings from software development to web customisation, mobile applications, E-business and multimedia solutions and more. We stand strong in our promise of delivering quality products, strategic business solutions, innovative platforms and designs, well-integrated systems and applications and enhanced performance platforms.

Along with our products and solutions, SLi has a solid technical support and assistance programme for special client application monitoring. We are also available as a consulting service provider using our onshore and offshore services. Our German, French and Spanish language proficiency also enables SLi to serve clients across Europe.

To provide for cost effective and client specific requirements, each service is customisable as per your business requirement and your estimated budget range. Our products and services are mentioned below:

Software Product Development:

SLi's products cover the entire spectrum of activities in order to come up with the desired product. Our excellent cost effective services in application and product development meet the global market standards. We also have customer specific products oriented towards creating a tangible design and successful product. Our products undergo testing and QA for sustenance while also ensuring they are embedded with specific system designs..

Open Source Customization and Development:

SLi provides tailored and optimised open source solutions as per your business needs. Open source applications are efficient time savers, provide easy start to businesses and are cost effective. We can help clients implement leading open source applications as per international standards to meet specific requirements like designing templates, integrating design, installing modes and much more..

Mobile Application Development:

SLi has expertise in developing mobile web and smart phone applications for business on the go. Our wide mobility enterprise helps you stay connected with your team and critical business information through real-time data access and entry. Reliability, security and connectivity are the key features built in all our applications.

E-Business Solutions:

SLi implements personalised E-Business technology to effectively market your business. Our technical skills can help you create a strong presence on the web to provide your business with the competitive presence it deserves. Some of the services we offer to help your business grow include web designing, hosting, maintenance and search engine optimisation.

Web 2.0 & Multimedia Solutions:

SLi provides enterprises with creative and innovative multimedia and web design solutions. We help maximise the benefits of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) by integrating multiple systems and applications to provide the best and single user interface. We have expertise on web languages, databases, enterprise and web technologies to help your business grow by using the best web 2.0 technologies and multimedia solutions. The final outcome provides solutions that involve a simple yet stronger integration, openness and wider generation.

Migration and Re-engineering :

SLi has technical expertise to help you migrate from an existing enterprise platform to another. We can also provide you consulting services by assessing your current platform and help you choose the best platform for your business need. Our team can help you re-engineer your existing systems for greater efficiency and improved performance.

Maintenance and Support Services :

SLi provides you with dedicated technical support and assistance to optimise your existing applications. We can help run and create updates on a client's existing applications. We also monitor and provide constant background information on the applications during maintenance performance. Our services benefit enhanced operational efficiency and conservation of time and effort.

Your Benefits

What sets SLi a class apart from other organisations is our commitment to ensuring that clients benefit from their investments. While timely execution is one of our key focuses, our organisation also ensures that each client and project receives the maximum benefits in all areas.

Quality Management:
To ensure client satisfaction, we implement the industry's leading software development methodology. Our stringent quality processes and detailed methodology enables us to deliver tested products in compliance with ISO standards.

In order to meet the diverse and unique business requirements in the industry, we have a customisation method option. In the customisation method, specific requirements can be met as per the client's need. Once the essential requirements are relayed, we will then assess the data and bring you tailor made solutions and services.

Leading Talent:
We have created a motivational talent system that allows each member to excel, while also meeting optimum performance standards. Our social enterprise approach to talent provides training as per an individual's need. The individual will in turn impart the same training to others, which allows us to build up a secure network of mentor trainees enabling for a world-class workforce and a trusted network of talent.

World Class Service:
We have a reliable partnership model which allows us to serve clients better, as we connect with partners worldwide. The partnership model allows us to utilise best practices, processes and resources in order to assess, manage and maximise the growing industry opportunities. In this way, we deliver the best services and solutions across the globe.

Microsoft: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET.
Java: Java, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, JavaScript.
Mobile & PDA: Windows CE, Palm, Symbian, Pocket PC, Blackberry.
Web: ASP, XML, XSL, WSDL, Ajax.
Database: MS SQL Server, My SQL, PostreSql, Firebird, Oracle.